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2017 Agriculture Building

Date        Event Start Time   End Time
Tue 8/8 Dept 19: Floriculture Judging 6:30 pm
Tue 8/8 Dept 20: Canning and Preservation Judging: Divisions O (Wine) & P (Beer) 6:30 pm
Tue 8/8 Dept 21: Baking Judging 6:30 pm
Tue 8/8 Dept 117: FFA Crops Judging 7:30 pm
Tue 8/8 Dept 17: Farm & Garden Crops Judging (Divisions A, B & C) 7:30 pm

Wed 8/9 Dept 20: Canning and Preservation Judging 6:30 am
Wed 8/9 Dept 21: Baking Judging (continued from previous day) 6:30 am
Wed 8/9 Dept 25: Arts, Crafts, Hobbies & Antiques Judging 7:00 am
Wed 8/9 Dept 26: Health Care Residents Judging 7:00 am
Wed 8/9 Dept 27: Photography Judging 7:00 am
Wed 8/9 Dept 22: Household Art Judging 7:30 am
Wed 8/9 Dept 23: Clothing Construction Judging 7:30 am
Wed 8/9 Dept 24: Knitting, Crocheting Judging 7:30 am
Wed 8/9 Dept 17: Farm & Garden Crops Judging (Divisions A, B & C) 8:00 am
Wed 8/9 Dept 18: Fruit Judging 8:00 am
Wed 8/9 Herb Gardening
Have you ever wondered what herbs you should plant or use in cooking? Or maybe how they are used in oils, health, or household needs, or even to spruce up the air? Wonder no longer—we'll have Dawn from the Watertown Floral Shop here to give her input on herbs and their uses. She'll answer all your questions and guide you to create your own herb garden at home. Where it can go from there is only known by you.
4:30 pm

Thu 8/10 Plate of Bars Contest
Entry time 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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12:15 pm
Thu 8/10 Unique, Clever Ideas for Cake Decorating
Ever wonder how they make the fancy roses or add the decorations to your party cake? Well, here is your chance to come watch and enjoy as Mackenthun’s demonstrates decorating cakes. They'll show you how to take a 9×13 cake and make it a masterpiece. Who knows, after some practice maybe you can enter your cake at the fair next year!
1:00 pm

Fri 8/11 Cookie Jar Contest Judging
Entry time 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
More info
12:15 pm
Fri 8/11 Wood Carving – Detailing & Finishing
You have a piece of wood carved out and looking like what you want—now what? Join us for a demonstration of detailing and finishing your carving. Let Henry tell you how he finishes off one of his beautiful carvings. He will help you understand the art of detailing a simple piece of wood into a finished masterpiece. Something you don’t want to miss if you enjoy working with wood. And who knows, maybe next year you can exhibit a piece of wood that you created.
4:00 pm

Sat 8/12 Want to Learn About Pottery?
Would you like to see a patchwork lion or dolphin being hand built from clay? Sue Christensen, who owns the pottery shop Sideshow Gallery at the Minnesota State Fair, will demonstrate building original pieces that will later be covered with plaster to make molds for slip casting lightweight porcelain wall art. You will see the tools and processes used in clay work, hear an explanation of mold making and slip casting, see examples of the colorful finished products and have the opportunity to ask questions.
2:30 pm

Sun 8/13 Let us Help You Expand Your Creativity Within!
You have that favorite pet or you want to try drawing some of the animals you see when hiking in the parks. Well, here is your opportunity to learn the fundamentals, along with how to finish it off once you have the basic design. Mary and Cathy are here to help you, whether it is in pencil, water color pencils or another tool they have to show. Make sure you stop in and try your hand at drawing.
1:00 pm
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