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All American Lumberjack Show

The All American Lumberjack Show features 2 teams and 10 exciting competitive events, each developed from a skill that a logger needed in the woods. Lumberjack pride is on the line as the teams face off with Log Rolling, X-Cut Sawing, Ax Throwing, Buck Sawing, and Boom Racing, In addition, chain saw events of Obstacle Pole Racing, Spring Board Tree Topping, Stock Saw Racing, and Hot Saw Racing will showcase the skills of today's loggers.

We'll also have Lumberjack Sport Camps, free to everyone young and old, where X-Cut Sawing and Log Rolling are taught by the pros.

Between the shows, you're invited to sit back and watch as lumberjacks with nothing but a chain saw, a plain old log, and a lot of practice carve just about anything imaginable including bears, eagles, turtles, fish, cactus, frogs, and alligators. Carvings are given away at the shows.

When the sawdust settles and the show is over, you’re invited to meet the lumberjacks, get an autograph, take pictures, and try your luck at some of the events.

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Check back soon for 2019 events!
All American Lumberjack Show
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