Not Just Your Mama's Fair
Check Back in May

Officers and Board of Directors

Carver County Fair Officers

Curtis Wolter, President;
Meldon Melcher, 1st Vice-President;
Jim Klein, 2nd Vice-President;
Twyla Menth, Secretary;
Lindsay Willems, Treasurer;
Mike Jensen, Manager

Carver County Fair Board of Directors

Curtis Wolter, Shawn Dalchow, Dan Robb, Meldon Melcher, Bill Flusemann, Lindsay Willems, Dale Rademacher, Lou Robb, Adrian Rademacher, Ken Norman, Todd Melcher, Wallace Rolf, Scott Flusemann, Glenn Strube, Twyla Menth, Cindy Dobratz, Ross Schneider, Steve Rolf, Dan Hoese, Jim Klein;
County Extension (952) 442-4496
Ex-Officio: Allie Lyman
Carver County Commissioners: Jim Ische, Tim Lynch